Protect your home in freezing weather!

Follow these tips to ensure that your home is protected during freezing weather. With temperatures remaining well below freezing in the Denver area, it is more important than ever to protect your most valuable asset: your home!

-Keep your heat set to at least 65. The walls of your home stay colder than the interior space (which is where your pipes are).

-Know where your water’s main shutoff is located. If a pipe freezes you’ll need to shut off the water to your home, and fast. Make sure you not only know how to find it but that it is easily accessible.

-Open your cabinet doors. This allows warm air to circulate near your pipes

-Eliminate sources of cold air near water lines. Make sure windows and doors are sealed. Insulate pipes if necessary.

-Drip your faucets. Allow your faucets to maintain a slow drip during very cold weather.

-Service your heating system. The last thing you want is a broken furnace or a house fire! Professionals get very busy this time of year so address it before it’s a problem.

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Protect your home in freezing weather!

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