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Homes More Affordable Today than 1985-2000

In today's climate, more and more potential first time home buyers feel they cannot afford to make the purchase. This amazing write up by Keeping Current Matters explains how, as proportion of income, the market may be more favorable than meets the eye. 

Homes More Affordable Today than 1985-2000


4 Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Buy a Home!

With Summer proper just around the corner, new opportunities abound! Keeping Current Matters has a fantastic write up laying out some reasons to consider making the move into a new home

4 Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Buy a Home!


9 Steps to Saving for a Down Payment on a house

Putting together the funds make sure you are comfortable in your downpayment and closing costs can be daunting. Never fear, this article by Ryan Fitzgerald provides nine solid tips on how to make your own roadmap to saving and homeownership!

9 Steps to Saving for a Down Payment on a House


One the fence about making a move? Time may be running out...

On the Fence about Making a Move? Time may be Running Out…

In response to the strengthening US dollar and job forecast, the Federal Reserve announced this week that it might increase interest rates, something not done since 2006. This may be frustrating to Buyers scrambling to lock in the lower interest rates in spite of the current low-inventory state.

In their Press Release, dated March 18th 2015, the Federal Reserve explained that an increase “remains unlikely at the April FOMC meeting” as they are waiting to see “further improvement in the labor market.”


Great Buyer Advantage in Current Housing Market

The housing market is becoming increasingly buyer friendly. In the past few months, buyers were losing out due to low inventory and high demand on homes because of multiple offers. Now, the market is more evenly paced and buyers are benefiting from less competition and a larger housing supply. It's nice to see that the market is leveling out and more balanced.

Higher interest rates are more than likely playing a part in the decrease of buyers. This plus the addition of more inventory creates a favorable environment for people looking to purchase homes. This summer the average asking price saw an increase but prices are showing signs of stabilizing. "Strong competition for homes has helped drive prices higher. But bidding wars appear to be ebbing..." (USA Today).

Buyers have felt the crunch this summer with the lack of available inventory. But recent reports show that conditions are changing. "The Denver housing market is finally seeing some relief from our long-term under supplied conditions," said Metrolist CEO and President Kirby Slunaker. "We're still seeing strong sales figures, which were coupled with another jump in sales prices - it's clear buyer and seller confidence remains high."

NOW is the time to jump into a more favorable market and find the home of your dreams (before interest rates go higher and/or prices sky rocket) so that you could take advantage of the "best bang for your buck".

The housing market is reflecting a great time to buy to get the maximum out of your buying dollar